2020 10 31 Flight to Provincetown

Getting Skyhawk N2438S ready for departure to Cape Cod Taking off from Brookhaven airport always brings us close to Brookhaven National Laboratory, our workplace A good view on the National Synchrotron Light Source II INOP means inoperational, one slot was actually empty. The plane was safe to fly, just the communications were stripped to minimum.
Mattituck on the North Shore of Long Island Shelter Island Orient Point, the tip of the North Shore, the ferry to New London moored on the dock. Plum Island with the bio lab of the government. A lot of conspiracy babble around it.
The shores of Newport, where the rich and famous have their summer houses. Martha's Vineyard in the back. It was a beautiful day to fly. The Cape Cod Canal, a shortcut instead of having to sail around the cape. Practically, Cape Cod is now an island. Some clouds, but only a few.
Crystal clear water, just one boat cruising around. The green stuff are algae, too much fertilizer washed into the sea? Chatham, the south-east corner of Cape Cod. The northern tip of Cape Cod with Provincetown is in sight. Getting closer, the strip of the airport in the back.
Provincetown with the piers and the Pilgrim Monument, a 252-ft tower. A view of the town from the pier. Landed on the tiny airport. The pilot is smiling, really.
Fishing boats moored to the pier. Wating for a fish to fall off the fishing boats. Yes, we were wearing masks. After lunch, desert. A man passing by asked "is that a meal or a desert". Yes, the size was enormous.
The restaurant's name is "the blue monkey". Very good food. Electricity in the "leading nation of the western world". Hmm. Read carefully, b\well and ..... Taking this photo was a must.
Tuesday is election day and a bit more than 100 years ago, women weren't allowed to vote. A monk with a key depicts a ??? Don't know how a man (and women, too) can walk in these shoes. He did it well. A cat and a cowboy with a whip.
Yeah, it's Halloween in Provincetown. Again, this town is a bit special. Looks like the green stuff is washed into the sea from the rivers. Agriculture? Fertilizers? For sure, it does not look normal. Flying at 6500 feet was high enough to create some ice on hte black surface.
Flying into the sun on our way home.