2020 09 NY Upstate

On our way to our vacation home we stopped in Roscoe. The small railroad museum has an engine on display. That place makes very good beer. We tried and enjoyed it.
Changing colors show, fall is not far. The glass museum in Corning was another stop. The museum is great, really worth visiting. The whole thing was made of glass. Not my taste, but what craftmanship.
This has been our vacation home for a week. Great place, very nice host, and wonderful location at Rushford Lake. Another view of our vacation home, while we took an evening walk. Upper waterfall in Letchworth State Park. The state park encompasses an impressive gorge, carved out by the Genesee River.
The middle waterfall surrounded by a lot of green. It's obvious, we really enjoyed the state park. There is a bridge for visitors across the gorge, leading, however, nowhere. The gorge downstream of the middle waterfall.
Kirsten is only one step away from the American falls in Niagara. And these falls are very impressive. Looking along the Niagara River to the Canadian falls. It is one steep jump down, the fog gives it away. You can feel the power of the water going down the Canadian falls.
These little boats go into the mist, very close to the falls. Right there, a very nice place for lunch. Rushford Lake. Our host took us out on the water with his boat. A guy with a water jet pack. It looks so easy.
Afternoon tea on the deck of our vacation home. Moss lake, a natural reserve. Its a peat bog, left when the glaciers retreated. Late afternoon, the sun started to go down. We were not sure whether to trust these walkways out on the water. So we stayed on solid ground.
Eastern Milksnake, not venomous. We enjoyed our hike around the lake. The goldenrod was the dominant plant all over the countryside. Raven gathered in the early morning fog on a tree. Greetings from Hitchcock.
Wiscoy, the lower of three falls. The middle fall. The layered geological structure that makes the falls so interesting. All falls in a row.
Sonnenberg has been a summer residence for the Thompson family in the Golden Age, just after 1900. Mary Scott Thompson created this summer home and the garden. The Japanese part of the garden. Turtles enjoying the sunshine. A gazebo in hte Italian part.
A marble lion. The classical garden. The house, just a summer residence. Rushford Lake on the day we had to depart. No clouds, just fog on the lake in fresh air of the early morning.