2020 05 New Driveway and Patio

The old driveway had a lot of cracks ... ... and did not look good anymore. So we hired Jerry and his crew to build a new one. First, they removed the old asphalt.
Very quickly, all was gone. New gravel was brought out to serve as base. And these will be the stones for apron and curb. Since it got rainy and we needed a path, we got creative.
Curbstones were set around the flower beds. Originally, we thought about a small wooden deck to replace the decaying staircase. But Jerry was very convincing, a patio is better. First, rescue the bushes. No problem with a small digger. All gone ...
.... but rescued. We found new homes for them. The curb is growing. Gravel for the patio ... ... which got pretty big.
The front yard looks more like a construction site. Southern curb in place. The patio is growing, the new staircase shows itself. Setting the apron has been started.
Staircase and bounding wall. Jerry's team did a fantastic job, very neat and precise. Apron stones set. Wall, staircase and patio take shape. Stones instead of asphalt for the main entrance to the house.
Filling the gaps between the stones looks like work in a bakery. Again, Jerry's team was great, very meticulous. The patio now has all stones set. Even small details were set very well.
Finally, the path from driveway to patio. Also finished and looking very well. Curbs and apron completed, waiting for the asphalt. Another layer of gravel on top of the sand.
Solidified and levelled. And here is the asphalt. Manually, or better pedually prepared ... ... and then mechanically levelled.
Ready! Looking good. Apron and lower part of the new driveway. A couple of chairs on the patio .... ... and we can enjoy our first tea in the front of our house.