2020 02 Grenada Vacation

Waiting in the lounge, ready to fly to Grenada Flying across the Caribbean Sea, admiring the colors of the sea. After a long day, we finally arrived on the balcony of our hotel room. Our room was on the second floor, the third from the right.
Evening and sunset at the Grand Anse beach. View from our balcony righ on the beach. Looking north, a cruise ship has moored in St. George One of the two pools of the resort.
The place was well kept and was really beautiful. Lush colors everywhere. What tree is this? Lawn mower Grenada style.
Wet feet and dirty lungs. But the beach is gorgeous! Late afternoon at the beach. Sunset at the beach.
Almost gone. In the morning, the beach is empty, the water is warm. Perfect for a swim before breakfast. Guards patroling along Grand Anse beach. Reading a book at the pool, very relaxed.
Coffee and cake in the afternoon. Our rental car, carrying us around the island. St. George's is visited by cruise ships. Guess who is on board. The inner harbor of St. George's.
All is quite colorful. And boats are everwhere. The town is expanding up the hills. St. George's was defended by this fortress in the old times.
Some old ruins in the city talk about other times. Now, the ruins are a place for the returning flora. The outer harbor of St. George's on the other side of the old fortress. The cruise ships are huge. This is actually a small one.
Here is another cruise ship, much larger. Heading off to another island in the evening. The next morning and another ship is coming. Fortunately, they all stay in St. George's. This is a cruise ship of another sort. Stylish!
DSC 1024 Side by side at the port. A small road, typical on Grenada. Roads are narrow and you have to deal with school kids, parked cars and oncoming traffic. Fun.
Driving close to the waterfront. Small, colorful houses. And the bumps are serious. And sometimes it rains. Seven people in a small pickup. One of the bays in the northwest of the island.
Sauteurs, a village on the northern coast of the island. The bay of Sauteurs. Concord waterfall. These two had a good time there.
The rocky island does not favor a smooth flow of a river. Lush green and flowers around the waterfall. Belmont Estate, 200 years old, originally nutmegs, now cocoa. The Estate is still family run, and fully organic. The esteate is well kept.
Cocoa is a relatively large fruit with the beans inside. The whitish gel tastes citric. The beans need to be dried.  Walking circulates the beans. We were allowed to try, too. The sun shines, the beans are out. When it rains, the are rolled in unter the roof.
Lunch in the restaurant of Belmont Estate. We had a good time! Cactus garden of Belmont Estate. A beach close to Grenville on the eastern part of Grenada.
Antoine Bay, the northeast of Grenada. Grenada Bay, further north. Levera Beach, the northern tip of Grenada. The island across the waer is called Sugar Loaf. A sweep across Levera Beach.
Once in a while, cruise ship tourists are ferried to the beach for roasting. St. George's University on Grenada. Great campus. The campus is right at the coast, clean, neat, and beautiful. And finally we had to fly back. A pity!