2018 12 Christmas in Allgaeu

Hotel Allgaier in Oy-Mittelberg has the perfect little apartment for all of us. This includes the Christmas Tree. And here we are, all five of us, having a really good time. Looking out of a window watching the snow coming down.
Oy-Mittelberg when the sun came back. Driving around to explore the area. Nils tries a selfie. Nesselwang, just passing by. Meadow at Weissensee
Kirsten and Juergen at the Alatsee The kids at the Alatsee. Alatsee. Alatsee.
A house in Fuessen, where you could buy drugs, perfumes, and washing powder a hundred years ago. Town pharmacy in Fuessen. From the ruins of Castle Falkenstein looking to the east. Looking down to Pfronten.
Hotel Falkenstein and Weissensee, Hopfensee, and Forggensee in the back. The better part of the Thieme family. :-) Kirsten and Nils. Svenja.
Annika. Nils. Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany. Castle Neuschwanstein is just behind the front mountain, the white tower barely visible.
A better view on Castle Neuschwanstein from the ruins of Castle Falkenstein.