2016 08 Shenandoah

Shenandoah Valley from Stony Man Our vacation home Svenja enjoys the morning at our vacation home We all enjoyed the hot tub at our vacation home
Anni at StonyMan Lots of forests when looking east Beautiful vista looking north The Skyline Drive visible in the forest.
We had a great time! The girls at a bluff along the Skyline. Nils at the Skyline drive For sure, Nils is not the little one anymore.
At Hawksbill Mountain The Skyline and I Many butterflies enjoyed the sunshine on the Skyline They enjoyed sunshine and the flowers.
Belle Grove Mansion Belle Grove Mansion and the flower garden in the front. A red barn at Belle Grove The dream lake in the Luray cavern, it mirrors the stalactites.
A very old Mercedes at the Luray car museum. Many Germans came to Virginia when it was still wild and open. And they brought along the German language. Luray Museum - Gazebo
Luray Museum - Farm House Luray Museum - School Luray Museum - Blacksmith Nils cayaking the Shenandoah River
Svenja and Annika in a canoe on the Shenandoah River A "little" souvenir for Nils